Life as a Disney Cast Member

Canadian Pavilion Rainy Days – Florida Curling

Photo of the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot 2009
Photo of the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot 2009

There were just some of those days working in the parks where it could be so quiet you could go an hour between guests.  It was times like these when you would go stir crazy mad from how quiet and eerie the cave could be with the ominous music playing in the background. Sure you could lean and talk but sometimes you just needed a bit more excitement in the day. Ladies and gentleman may I present you with Florida Curling, the ice-free edition.




– 8 Red Frisbee’s
– 8 Black Frisbee’s
– Lots of Rain
– 3 Rope
– 1 Squeegee
– Clear Pathway


1. You can only be play outside while raining
2. All players must be wearing a tacky plaid outfit (A Hockey jersey will suffice in a pinch)
3. There are 3 rounds. Each round consists of 4 throw from each team
4. All Frisbee’s are to be glided upside down across the water, tosses a no higher than three-feet off the ground
5. Points are given after each glide; Each rope is placed at different distances along the pathway from the throwing spot; 10ft, 15ft and 20ft. The farther the gliding, the more points. 1pt = 10ft, 2pts = 15ft, 3pts = 20ft and 4pts = anything over 20ft
6. If you flip the other teams Frisbee you lose a point
7. You may only use the sqweegy twice to sweep while Frisbee is gliding
8. Must yell “SWEEP! SWEEP!! SWEEP!!!” at the top of your lungs

Created by Kathryn and myself in 2009


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