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New Canadian Costume

This topic is near and dear to me as I spent a year is the original costume and I’m a little upset about what they’ve done to it.

Here is a photo of the original Canadian Pavilion Costume, true the original costume was a bit dated and didn’t look much like the lumberjack outfit they were trying to portray but compared to the new costume its a bit more dead on. The men had their shirts tucked in, the shirt may have been an awkward length in the sleeves but they were permitted to be rolled up. The girls also had an awkward shirt length but once again they were permitted to be roll. The girls wore culottes, which I absolutely loved, who doesn’t love pants that look like a skirt You can do so much more with them! Although they are wearing black shoes in the photos most of the Cast Members wore hiking boots, but all in all these costumes look tidy and put together.

Original Canadian Pavilion Costume

Original Canadian Pavilion Costume

This is what a lumberjack outfit should look like

This is what a lumberjack outfit should look like – Photo courtesy of Rebloggy Tumbler

These are the new costumes for the Canadian Pavilion that Disney has just introduced. Let me start off by saying that outside of the 10 days of Stampede or Halloween, I’ve never seen a Canadian where an outfit like this. I will admit that I find the girls costumes quite cute and adorable but the tassels on the vest are a little weird. Otherwise I think its wearable and could be worse. The boys costume on the other hand is all over the place. I understand that the costumes are suppose to be based off a lumberjack’s “outfit”, but they look nothing like it. Lumberjacks wear denim not dark blue cargo pants or shorts, and tasseled vests that are suppose to be left undo with an un-tucked plaid shirt looks frumpy. The best comments I’ve seen about them are thus far “You look like a reject gay cowboy with hip hop pants” and “Are you a cross between a cowboy and a lumberjack?” a little harsh but it defiantly makes the point come across.  I honestly hope that Disney makes a few changes and requires the guys to start tuck in the shirts and maybe remove the vest, or at least the tassels, and maybe get some suspenders?  I feel like these costumes should be worn in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom over the Canadian Pavilion. I admit though, I do love the new plaid pattern over the original one.

New & Current Canadian Pavilion Costume

New & Current Canadian Pavilion Costume – Photo courtesy of WDW Magic

Thanks WDW Magic for the photos of the original and new costumes


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