Life as a Disney Cast Member

Moose Man turns 28

So this is what happens when Moose Man turned 28!

I wrote this all on the back of the amazingly decorated mask, see below, that I had made for Moose Man’s for his birthday.

“So there I was the other day on my way to the store to buy you this awesome birthday card that you deserve when suddenly a band of hot shirtless lederhosen wearing pirates showed up and kidnapped me! (but secretly both you and I know I wanted to go) so anyways they took me to their secret kp hide out over in Germany. Where I was forced to listen to beer steins sing and coo-coo clocks go off for hours on end. They kept demanding that I give them enough smarties to fill a pool and to produce Martin Short (Martin Short is god!) So that he may entertain them for years with extremely corny jokes and puns. Time and time again I repetitively I told them that I didn’t know where he was, that I hadn’t even meet the man in real life, I just watched him on a big screen on a daily basis. Yet they didn’t believe me! Me of all people! For 3 days this continued. Until they finally had enough of my “lies” and decided it was time for me to walk the plank. Eek! Not the way I wanted to die, but I figured one must not argue with fate. Just as I was about to walk off the plank I hear a voice yell ” let the girl go!” it was Gaston! He had come to save me. Drawing his sword….ya da yada yah…you don’t need to know this, it’s boring…. After vanquishing the hot shirtless lederhosen wearing pirates we rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after. Now I’m quite sure you’ve figured out by now, that sadly, none of this happened. The truth is I was too cheap to buy you a real card so I stole Chris/Michelle’s idea to make you a mask card. So happy birthday xoxox ❤ Janna”

So there it is. My mask story. Great huh? I think I should become a novelist, eh? But yes for those of you who don’t work at Disney, many of the stuff that is mentioned in here is stuff from work. Like kp is the Kim possible attraction and the 3 days refer to my days off and the singing beer steins are part of kp. Oh and the fact that I’m absolutely in love with Gaston from Beauty and the Beast<3

The front half the mask consists of 28 turtles that both Michelle and I named for Moose Man. Okay, Ready? Here we go:

1.john-paul 2.spongebob 3.king louis 4.igopogo 5.champ 7.chris 8.pan the man
9.leanardo 10.andre 11.weston 12.clint 13.jim 14.agatha/flo 15.darklene 16.dust finger
17.kenphelt kelly 18.j-man 20.marvin 21.amandes 22.beaver 23.loon 24.elise
25.janada 26.michelle 27.martin short<3 28. moose-moose

Moose Man's 28th Birthday Card

Moose Man’s 28th Birthday Card

In all reality we really when to the Beach Club Resort to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop and all split a Kitchen Sink

The Attractions team celebrating Moose Man's birthday

The Attractions team celebrating Moose Man’s birthday


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