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Doctor, Doctor Who?

The 9 Doctor

The 9 Doctor

As some of you many know, or soon will know, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan! It first started in 2005 when BBC started to air the reboot with Christopher Eccleston, who made it easy to love the Doctor with his big smile and funny ears. As the season progressed I learned to love the relationship he and Rose, Billie Piper, created based on his unconditional love for her (don’t deny it, we’ve all seen those longing looks) and her love for him as this strange man. I’ve only recently begun to re-watch all of the episodes from the beginning and I would’ve loved to have seen what he would’ve done and how his relationship with Rose would’ve played out if he’d stayed the Doctor. He defiantly left before his time. I would’ve love to have seen him and Donna, Catherine Tate, together.

The 10 Doctor

The 10 Doctor

But god David Tennant! He was the Doctor to my companion, he became the reason why I became so obsessed with in the show. I won’t deny the fact that I find him absolutely gorgeous which doesn’t hurt but what he did with the role was fantastic! He took the bitter war veteran that 9 was and helped make him into a better man, one thought things through before he did something, well most of the time at least. Yes he claimed to be the man who gave no second changes but he did. He always offered the Dalak’s mercy before. I honestly wish he could’ve stayed the Doctor just one more season, I was so sad to see him go. It took me years to see his final episode.


The 11 Doctor

The 11 Doctor

11, Matt Smith, well I won’t deny the fact I started off hating him as the Doctor. I found him too awkward, childish and acting to hard to live up to his prior successor, but as time went one he grew on me and I learned to love him. He soon came out with some of my favourite episodes of all time, Let`s Kill Hitler & the Big Bang, with his relationship with Amy and Rory, Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill, (who, next to Rose are my favourite companions). I love how he never interfered with Amy and Rory’s relationship and how it almost seemed like Rory and he took turn trading off on who gets to deal with Amy. The story also progresses so much faster during his time as the Doctor, we learned of his wife, River Song (Alex Kingston) and  even more about his untold past and what is foretold for his future. I will miss him dearly and currently am refusing to watch the Christmas special as I know I will cry when he finally regenerate. I even have a friend who loves Smith so much that he`s even refusing to acknowledge the fact that he’s gone forever and will never be back. To him smith was is the Doctor.

Here`s to the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, I hope you can live up to your prior selves.

The 12 Doctor

The 12 Doctor



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