Life as a Disney Cast Member

Dumdum, Rene

Meet Rene, one of my three Norwegians who I love to bits.

I first meet Rene at a local pub from when we lived in the States. I cannot remember why but he was drunk and having everyone in the bar sign his shirt, which was probably the reason we first started to talk in the first place. I, probably a bit drunk as well, for some odd reason thought he sounded like a adorable little french man so I figured that it was the best course of action was for me to draw a french man’s mustache in permanent marker on his face (it soon became a tradition). I also remember leaving the bar with his name and phone number written up the full length of my arm only to wake up with half of it on my face. Basically we’ve been friends ever since.

Taken while traveling the world at the Food and Wine Festival

Taken while traveling the world at the Food and Wine Festival

I’ve traveled around the world tasting fantastic foods, while for once not drawing on each other’s faces. We’ve had tequila slushies in Mexico, Lamb Ribs from the Australian Booth and even Potato Leak Soup from Ireland.

Running from Dino's in Downtown Disney

Running from Dino’s in Downtown Disney

We’ve spent nights running from dino’s while eating chocolate covered strawberries in Downtown Disney, and even participated in a Bowl-a-Thon with the Disney Voluntears where I’m certain I had the high score in.

Or there was the time he and his roommate thought it was a good idea to make we watch a horror flick, Hatchet, with them when they know that I hate/can’t handle them. He owed me big time after that. Or even the week he ditched Iselin and I and went home so we stole his shoes; See the video here.

Even though he could sometimes be flaky, sorry hun you know it’s true, he has always been there for me.  If I’m having a down day he’s always trying to find a way to make me smile and cheer me up.

One of the best messages I ever got from Rene

One of the best messages I’ve ever gotten from Rene

Check out My Nearest and Dearest Norwegian and End of a Trilogy for the rest of the Trilogy


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