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S’moreos, The Ugly Truth

While out camping with friends in K Country a while back, we found out the hard way that Pinterest can lie to you. In the past I’ve tried multiple recipes and crafts off Pintrest and they’ve all turned out decent, but this is the first time that I’ve ever had something turn out this wrong.  All over the place you see campfire tricks and cooking ideas, like the S’moreos. Tasty but not as easy as we were led to believe.

1. First there was the problem of getting the oreo apart without breaking it into multiple pieces, no easy feat. In the end I gave up and used what I had

2. It shows you that you are to melt chocolate or caramel but how? How are you to melt the chocolate over a fire without burning ones self? I mean the marshmallow sure as hell doesn’t melt it enough, and you’d burn the cookie if you tried to melt it on it

3. The cookie to marshmallow gooey is disproportionate. I know it shows it that way in the original but its too much gooe to chocolate cookies ratio, or at least I thought so

4. I will give it a thumbs up for being delicious but it’s defiantly not something you can get a ton of all at once.

In the end they’re a great idea in theory but you need to be willing to have the time, patients and effort to fight with the cookies. Personally I think I’ll stick with my burnt marshmallows that can be peeled off and eaten layer by layer

Check out S’moreos on Pintrest Here


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