Life as a Disney Cast Member

How It Happened

So I’ve been putting off writing this post now for some time now, I guess I find my story/reasons to go work for Disney boring and not worthy of telling. But a we all know, we all have that one friend who is persistent on being “you need to write it. When I first met you I was curious as to how you got the job”, so I guess she wins, here is my story of how I got my job at Disney.

I’m not really exactly certain on how to start this off other than to say I originally applied to Disney on a whim. It was during my last year of high school when everyone was figuring out what they wanted to do  with their lives. I’d gone to Disney the spring before and for once had actually looked at where everyone was from on their name tags. Until this point I had honestly thought Disney just picked random cities and put them on people’s tags. It wasn’t until I’d spoken to a girl working at the merch cart on the promenade who said she was actually from Calgary Alberta that I realized that people working in the pavilions were actually from the countries they were representing. Anyways back to the point.

During home room in early September that year,  we were all sitting round talking when one of the newer girls in the class brought up the Cultural Representative Program, I had looked into it right after my trip but thought nothing of it again until she’d brought it up. I hadn’t really figured out what I wanted to with my life so I figured I’d apply for the program and see what happened. I lucked out and ended up applying about two weeks before the recruiters came to town, and was invited to attend the group interview. At this point I’d actually hadn’t mentioned anything to my parents or anyone about the fact that I had thought about applying for the program, or let alone the fact that I had. Needless to say it was an interesting conversation.

It began with me calling up my parents being like “I need to miss school next Monday. You’re going to see a long distance call on my cell, oh and I need to go get my hair coloured pronto” (it was purple and bleached white blonde).  As you would expect I got the whole “what are you talking about? Why will there be a long distance call on your phone?” , where I replied “oh did I forget to mention, I have an interview with Disney”. This was followed with a bunch of questions about why and when and where?

During the interview they ask all the expected questions of why do you wanna work for Disney? Why do you think you’d be good for the position ect. To this day I cannot remember what I said it was such blur with all the info that is thrown at you and all the people you meet. The only thing that I remember was that one of the girls made a comment about how it’s going to be a baskin robin of boys. At the time I hadn’t really caught on to what she was saying but I quickly figured it out she was referring to. As you’ve probably gathered I was offered a position in Attractions and spent a year working for the Mouse. It was probably one of the best times of my life and I miss my Disney family greatly.

Photo of my Disney family during American Thanksgiving

Photo of my Disney family during American Thanksgiving

One of my favourites with my three Norwegians

One of my favourite’s with my three Norwegians. The one on the left (Rene), black tank top (Iselin) and green shirt(Vegard) ❤


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