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For all those Whovian’s out there, you know you have that list. That list of episodes that you could watch over and over again and always find something new to love about it. That list of episodes that are filled with your favourite comments, facial expressions and Doctor dancing moves. So here we go, here’s my list:

Top 10 Favourite Doctor Who Episodes:

  1. Bad Wolf – This explains, for all you Torchwood fans, why/how Captain Jack never seemed to be able to die. The Doctor finally tells Rose how he feels only to have to regenerate.
  2. The Unicorn and Wasp – I may not have been a big Donna but who doesn’t love the fact that they brought in a literary superstar from the murder mystery era.
  3. Silence in the Library – Can I just say, marry the Doctor get the library? It was one of the creepier episodes that I’ve seen in the Doctor Who universe but you get to meet the end of River Song, I have no idea how the Doctor walked away from that book, I know I couldn’t have. But that library, can this just be about that library?
  4. Vincent and the Doctor – Bawled my eyes out, enough said
  5. The Big Bang – It’s the last 10 minutes that puts this into my top 10. I cry every time I was as Amy remembers the Doctor at her weddings and brings him back. Also who taught the Doctor to dance?
  6. Let’s Kill Hitler – I love that fact this is where you get to meet the young River Song. That this “first time” she meets the doctors and the fact that Rory becomes a bad ass, punches Hitler and successfully rides a motorbike for the first time is the icing on the cake.
  7. The Wedding of River Song – It was heart breaking to have the Doctor watch as Amy didn’t remember Rory but she still remember her daughter and River him. But who doesn’t love a wedding?
  8. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – IT’S DINOSAURS IN SPACE PEOPLE!
  9. The Day of the Doctor – Who wouldn’t love getting to have three Doctors at one time? They play off each others ideas and thoughts but they also have some playful fun making pokes at their counterparts about what they’ve become or were. I also need to know why River Song’s shoes are classified dangerous to the world?!
  10. The Christmas Invasion – First time you meet David Tennant

So that’s my list and now I want to hear what your favourite’s are!


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