Life as a Disney Cast Member

My People of Disney

One of the many things that I’m grateful for from my year working for the mouse, is the people that I met. Some I still talk to and it will forever stay that way, while others I rarely speak to anymore. But regardless they are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and I’d like to share just a bit about the ones I held most dear.

Heather and I celebrating Canada Day in style

Heather and I celebrating Canada Day in style

Heather:  Started shortly after I did in the cave (she claims that we emailed before her arrival and I fb stalked her but I remember none of this), and we were forced to hit it off right off the bat. At the time we were short staffed due to 1 end of contract, 1 termination and 1 self-termination, so the two of we were pulling 6 or 7 day weeks at 10 hours a day of a few weeks so we ended up getting to know each other pretty quickly.  She has to be one of the most caring, openhearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and I miss getting to talk to her about my day. She was always there for me and even helped save me from back stabbing roommates who almost got me terminated and offered to let me stay with her as an alternative. She’s the type of person who always has something nice to say about everyone even if they’d hurt her.

We spent many of days traveling around the parks getting pixie dusted and acting like complete and utter princesses, but one of my favourite days with her has to be the one where we spent the day tourist-ing around Downtown Disney trying on all the princess crown and ended up leaving with make your own My Little Ponies with all the fixings.


Moose Man and Kathryn on his last day of work in the cave

Justin: aka Moose Man, was one of the first people  I really got to know while I was down in Disney. There were many of nights we spent at his apartment playing board games and challenging his roommate to musical charades signing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” using stuffed animals as props.

He always was up to not good and a good laugh, and made sure that I was doing ok (I was fresh out of high school when I went down so he sort of became an older brother). One my favourite things he ever said was one of the many times I ended up tripping over something and in attempts to save me from humiliation I got this: “and she was completely sober while doing that, not a single drop of maple syrup.”

Rene: Is one of my 3 Norwegians that I met during my time at Disney. We met drunk at a local bar where I proceeded to draw a French man’s mustache on his face and I walked out with his name and number written up the full length of my arm. (To hear the rest of the story click on the link attached to his name)

Vegard: Has to be one of the hardest person I have to talk about. He’s like an older brother from another country who always been there for me. This was most important to me when all the other Norwegians weren’t allowed to talk to me due to a crazy ex-roommate (full story in his post). He instead chose to ignore her and risk her wrath, and still be there for me and I love him for that.

Michelle, Holly and I on her birthday

Michelle, Holly and I on her birthday

Holly:  Is and always will be my Disney mamma.  She was always there for us when we were having a bad day and needed a shoulder to lean on or made sure to check in with us when we were sick. I always loved getting to work the concerts at Amgard during all the festival. We would move and groove to the music having a great time with guests. Some of my favourite memories from Disney was working the Amgard concerts with friends from other pavilions and having dance offs with guests and cast members alike.

“Holly is the sweetest woman ever, who always had our backs, and it was always easy to talk to her about anything. I always felt like she would take care of us no matter what situation we were in, work related or not” – Kathryn

“Amazing loving thoughtful kind and someone to aspire to” – Heather

“She was just the sweetest lady, always there to help and comfort” – Iselin

Kathryn: I’ve been to hell and back with this girl and I’ll never forget the trip. She was the third musketeer to complete the set of Heather, Kathryn and myself. Between those two, they are one of the main reasons I survived my time at Disney. I’ll never forget the time they caught me by surprise on my birthday by waking me up 2 hours early for work only to drag me out to breakfast with no shower or a bra.

I couldn't help by share this photo, I love it

I couldn’t help but share this photo, I love it

I remember spending some of my first days traveling around the park exploring with Kathryn, from being coaxed onto Expedition Everest all the way to watching the Dreams Come True parade in the Magic Kingdom. While during our later days together we spent hours on buses touring and hoping around all the different resorts

I will never forget her and her love for her leaning post at greeter.

Iselin: Is my Disney soul sista. We spent many a day’s tormenting Rene and even a week stealing his shoes and taking them around the parks for a tour.  (To hear more about how I met Iselin click on the link attached to her name)

Tino and I on our way to SOB

Tino and I on our way to SOB

Tino: Was our Brit turned Canadian. I honestly cannot remember how I first met this fantastic man but I’m so glad I did. We spent many of nights hang at the pool relaxing and gossiping about the happenings of the pavilions, and he was always good for a self confidence boost when you needed it by most almost like he had a second sense for it. You may not have needed it but he had this great timing on pointing out how fabulous you looked.I loved the fact that when I was in Europe a few years back I had a chance to see him while in London and we continued my tradition of stealing menu.

Noah, Heather and I in Pixie Hollow

Noah, Heather and I in Pixie Hollow

Noah: Was one of the KP Agents who spent a good amount of time hanging with the lumberjacks in the cave. He soon became one of our coordinators who always had time for a chat or up for a day in the Magic Kingdom.

Best day had to be when he, Heather and I went around the Magic Kingdom meeting the princesses and faeries.

Daniel: Was one of the Soarin’ cast member that I learned to love. He was the one who introduced me to Sweet Tomatoes and called me culottes.  We spent plenty of times discussing the bet’s friends back home had about my time in the states and hanging around the parks. Although we rarely speak now in days I will always miss him calling me culottes ❤


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