Foodie In Training

YYC Food Truck’n – Round 1

With the food truck frenzy in full force, I figure it was time to share my experiences and thoughts with the trucks available in my area.

Back in the summer I checked out the Food Truck Frenzy over in the East Village with some girlfriends and had a blast. I always recommend at events like these to go with more than just yourself, that way you can take turns buying, and of course trying more food options. I believe this time round we split 4 or 5 main items and then of course each had our own gelato.

By far my favourite and must have every time I find this truck is the Golden Age Poutine from the Mighty Skillet. This thing is made for the breakfast and poutine lovers in all of us. Imagine having eggs benedict’s mixed with your traditional poutine must haves. It is heaven in a take-out container.


During this trip we also tried also had the Tex Mex Perogies from the Perogy Boyz. These were also fantastic, a great mix of sour cream, meat, cheese and all your fresh cut veggie mixing’s. My only problem with this truck is it’s always busy, which is great for them, but waiting 20-30 minutes for my food is a bit excessive when it comes to food truck dining.


Somewhere between these two, we also tried out some Hawaiian with mushrooms pizza and hummus accompanied by some bagged taco chips. Nothing to write home about.

To finish it all off we had to make a stop off at Fiasco Gelato truck. These guys make one outstanding gelato but also fruit sorbets; options for everyone! I unfortunately cannot remember all the flavours we had but I’m sure hazelnut was in there somewhere.

The Great 8

Photo Courtesy of Great Collective





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