Oh The Place You'll Go!

Norway; Land of the Ice and Snow

View from the top of the hill near the Palace

Karl Johans Gate

It all began with a magical 16hr flight from Calgary to Oslo one warm May day (Per-warning for anyone flying international by yourself, book your seat FAR in advance and avoid the center seat for 8hrs) during which I don’t think I slept slept a wink and boy was I tired when I finally got to Oslo. But of course like every good traveller I know to stay up as long as you can so that you fall asleep at night not in the middle of the day. At one point I actually fell asleep at the restaurant we went out for dinner at and had to have Vegard keep waking me up. By the time I finally did get to go to sleep I slept for almost 20hrs on a cot no problem.

Finally on my 3rd day, once I was able to get up at a decent time and not sleep 16hrs of the day away, Vegard and I decided to go meet up with another friend from Disney in Oslo. At this point in time I hadn’t really seen much of the Oslo due to being half asleep when we practically walked up Karl Johans Gate the first time round. I know most reviews I’ve read state that Karl Johans Gate is a tourist trap or is boring and true Norwegian wouldn’t spend time there but I found it an interesting and diverse area to visit for my first few trips into town. At one end you have the Royal Palace and the other the Oslo Opera House with shops, gardens and restaurants decorating in between. There was of course my favourite Scandinavian shop, Cubus, but every time I walked down Karl Johans Gate it was always a new experience. At one point I walked through an active drug deal going on without know it……it was an interesting trip to say the least.

All in all, I had an interesting first few days in Norway. Completed a bucket list item by visiting a Scandinavian Ikea, finally got to go to Cubus and of course got to see friends that I hadn’t seen for almost 3 years.

More Norwegian adventures to come ❤


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