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A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

This has been my favourite ride since I was 10. Even though it’s a bit dated it a great concept and the music is so catchy


Fan of Mickey

The Disney Parks Blog reminds us that this week is the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World.

This show isn’t the most visited classic park attraction like Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo, or the Haunted Mansion, but I am glad Disney has kept it around. It is probably one of the few remaining examples that showcases optimism in the future.

So much that is produced in Hollywood about the future always focuses on how bad things will be. The future is not a pretty place in movies or TV. We are constantly facing some catastrophe whether its environmental destruction, incurable viruses, zombies, or machines bent on destroying all organic beings.

Its refreshing that we can still look to Walt Disney’s view of the future through the Carousel of Progress and be reminded that, yes, things are getting better all the time.

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the…

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