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Ride Musts For First Timer’s in Disneyland

For any of you who haven’t been to any of the Disney Parks it can be a bit over whelming the first time round. Throughout the world the are 5 options for parks; Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Hong Kong, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo, plus they also have vacation resorts, cruises and tours that take place around the world. The original park first created by Disney was Disneyland in 1955 and today has two parks, Magic Kingdom and California Adventure, all within walking distance to all of the Disney Resorts and Downtown Disney. In fact compared to Disney World, Disneyland is small enough that the whole property can fit into the parking lot of Epcot in Disney World. But this is one of the main reasons I love about Disneyland. I enjoy that everything is in such close proximity to each other and you can do both parks in one day easily without spending an hour on travel time between the parks. Plus this is the ORIGINAL Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom

Entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean – Photo courtesy of Mouse Planet

Pirates of the Caribbean This is one of my all time favourite rides at both parks (so don’t be surprised if it appears on both park lists), it’s great for anyone especially those who aren’t too big on huge drops and loves a classic. I love the fact that this ride has been around since 1967 and still gives off the feeling of traveling the seven seas.

Remember this is a PPPPPy..... No its Plastic

Remember this is a PPPPPy….. No its Plastic – Jungle Cruise

Indian Jones Adventure Take a front row seat in the adventures of Indian Jones as he fights off the bad guy and tries to out run that danged boulder once again. Ride this while it lasts as there’s been rumors of it shutting down to make way for a Star Wars Land.

Jungle Cruise I love this ride for its corner jokes and great sense of humor while taking you on a tour down some of the major rivers around the world.

Matterhorn Bobsled For those of you who love dark rides and roller coasts this is for you. The Matterhorn takes you on a thrill ride though the Swiss Alps to try to find the elusive Abdominal Snowman

Mr. Toads Wild Ride This ride is great for kids who want to take a tour through the story of Mr Toad.

Splash Mountain I won’t deny it but this is probably one of my least favourite rides at Disney but not for reason that you may think, I just don’t like drops. Everything leading up to the 5 story drop is fantastic! It takes you through the lives and story of Br’er Rabit in the Briar Patch based off of the Song of the South. Try it out and let it take you to the “laughing place”.

California Adventure

California Screamin’ I personally can’t say I’ve actually ridden this ride as I’m not a coaster person, but I’ve been told that it’s a must.

Grizzly River Run

Grizzly River Run – Photo courtesy of Flikriver

Grizzly River Run Is designed to be as if you’re taking a white river rapids ride down the Sierra Nevada mountains. Its fantastic great way to stay cool if you’re at the parks on a hot day or love water rides. I personally have had the miss fortune on many occasions to be the person who gets completely soaked from head to toe.

Soarin’ Over California A California Adventure classic. This ride was originally created for this park  but has now made its home in Disney World as well. Its a tour of California take in as an aerial view as if you’re hang gliding over head. My favourite part is when you fly over the orange orchards you get the smell of fresh oranges.


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