Oh The Place You'll Go!

My Top 5 Travel Albums

 1.The Futurist by Robert Downey Jr

Who know RDJ could sing? I honestly didn’t until I came across this a few years ago by accident but it’s defiantly part of my regular played list. I love the fact that he’s more than a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” in a suit. It’s this great mix of soulful meets folky meets classical style that makes you want another album; Best part is the man wrote almost all of the songs himself.

2. Into the Electric Castle Disc 1 & 2 by Aryeon

This is from my metal stage in high school. It’s a mix of metal meets indie meets this electro syfi all in a storybook theme. It’s an adventure, as you travel through time and space to the electric castle a place of no time or space.

3. Let Them Talk by Hugh Laurie

This is another one of those who know he could sing? For any of those of you who have watched House know that he can play a multitude of instruments but this is far beyond what I knew he could do. For someone from England I enjoy the fact that he’s gone with this gospel, jazzy, blues, Cajun style of music, playing version of Jonah and the whale or the Battle of Jericho. He’s also recently come out with a new album Didn’t It Rain.

4. Album from the movie Chef

This is a great mix of Cuban and Blues. As stated in the title this album from the movie Chef direct, written and staring Jon Favreau as a chef who hits hard times and his struggle to make it back to the top with a food truck. It’s a fantastic movie and has an amazing cast. I love this album because it has some great get up and dance music but also some relaxing music featuring some new and upcoming artists.

5. Aquarium by Aqua

Because who doesn’t love some upbeat 90’s euro pop? This has been a staple in my music collection since I was 5  (god am I dating myself….). In comparison to the rest of my list this is my happy album. It reminds me of a simpler time where I was “young” and carefree. Plus who can resist singing, and dancing, along to Barbie Girl and Doctor Jones.


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