Oh The Place You'll Go!

Contiki Me Crazy

As mentioned in Norway; Land of the Midnight Sun, I had originally gone to Europe to attend a friend’s wedding in his home town in the heart of Norway. With the fact that I’d never been, I chose to take two months off from work stating that if I was going to Europe, I was going to Europe and it was one of the best two months of my life.

When I first left home I had a good part of the first month planned out since most would be helping with weddings things and of course getting to see Iselin, with an impromptu Vacation from my Vacation in Denmark for a week. But what was I to do for the second month? I hadn’t really planned that far in advance and didn’t plan on being a freeloader on Vegard’s couch for two months. There were plenty of options: go see friends in other countries I hadn’t seen since Disney, travel around on my own via the Euro-rail or, my parents favourite option, come home early. The last was defiantly not an option and I wasn’t too keen on traveling around Europe on my own and I didn’t want to impose on all of my friend’s last minute either, so I looked for an option that could accommodate all.

European Discovery Map courtesy of Contiki Tours

With that I began my search for travel companies. I had hoped to convince someone to take a tour down to Egypt but with the way things have been there the past few years and especially that year I knew that going  was defiantly not an option, so I searched on. In the end I ended up going with the European Discovery  with Contiki. This tour gave me the most amount of stops in a two week span while staying on budget. It also gave me the change to visit (if you count driving through) 8 countries with multiple stops in a few of them, with the added bonus of being able to stop and see all of my friends from Disney along the way.  This was the best of both worlds travel and getting to see family and friends. I spent a week prior to in London with my Aunt and got to see Tino. I saw an old roommate while in Munich and a fellow attactioneer while at Disneyland Paris.

Stay tuned for more tales from my European Adventure.


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