Oh The Place You'll Go!

Denmark: My Vacation from My Vacation

During my travels around Europe back in 2012, I took a vacation from my vacation and went and spent a week in Copenhagen. This is by far one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited, and its not hard to see why.

Herrens Ord Bliver Evinbelig - The Marble Church

Herrens Ord Bliver Evinbelig – The Marble Church

Like almost anytime I try to find someplace I go the opposite direction and get lost, and trying to find my hostel was not different (Generator Hostels) and I got completely lost and turned around. Instead of fully listening to the instructions I received at the airport on how to get there, I only paid attention to the train directions but not the directions to the hostel from the station, and I ended up walking way past the turn and ended up finding the The Marble Church. (It may have been under construction but it was still gorgeous none the less.) I ended up stopping at this cute little cafe just down the road from the church and had two little old ladies do their best to tell me how to find the hostel. The directions worked and I finally made it there.

Creature of Habit

Creature of Habit

Once I finally found the Hostel, checked in and dropped my bag off and I was off exploring. This time I tried to get lost around the winding streets and tall buildings, something completely different than what I’m used to at home. I ended up finding a sushi place just down the road from the hostel and decide to treat myself. Honestly who can resist sushi and Canadian ginger ale, they even had a Canadian Roll that was snow crab from the Atlantic (didn’t try it as it was a bit out of my price range but it sounded like a good idea).

Over the next few days I spent countless hours taking tours, walking through all the palaces, historical museums and this time trying to get lost on purpose.

There was the Church of our Savior  that was by far my favourite of the churches I visited. Like most of the other churches you were able to climb to the top for a small fee. The climb consists of over 400 steps, sure felt like more, where you climbed through the bell tower, up tight old rickety steps and round and round in circles to get to the fantastic view of the city.

Then there was Tivoli, the world’s second oldest amusement park. Filled with gorgeous gardens, rides and shows.

And of course my favourite tour I took was the canal tour that took you on a backside tour of the city (I took it twice). You went through passageways where the old palaces used to be before they were destroyed and got to what was left of them. It took you to see the Little Mermaid statue (only to see that back of it) and every other historical location accessible by water.

I was there for just under 5 full days and I only saw about half of what I wanted to see, so I will defiantly be going back one day. Until then I will dream of their weird but delightfully tasty red hotdogs and boat tours.

** For those of you thinking about visiting Copenhagen and wants to visit all these fun places and more, I’d defiantly recommend getting the Copenhagen Card. Not only did it get me into about 90% of the parks, church’s and museums for free but it also included free transit for the days its valid and gives discounts at certain restaurants and shops. **


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