Foodie In Training

YYC Food Truck’n – Round 2

As mentioned in YYC Food Truck’n Round 1; “With the food truck frenzy in full force, I figure it was time to share my experiences and thoughts with the trucks available in my area.”

This past fall, I once again found myself in attendance of a Food Truck Frenzy event with friends. This time round there were only two of use so we tried a few less items but the overall outcome was outstanding just like our past trip. The first stop was the Holy Smoke BBQ Truck.

Holy Smoke BBQ is most defiantly Holy Smokes! Their food was absolutely fantastic. This time round we split the pulled pork sandwich with macaroni salad on the side. The great thing about these guys is that they have about 12-15 different types of sauce to go along with your meat. So whether you’re a sweet, smokey or spicy person you’ll find a sauce that meets your needs.

Next stop was across the bridge to check out the food trucks on the other side. This time round we chose to go with the trio of taco’s from The Happy Fish. I loved the bright colours from the fresh mango salsa, which was absolutely fantastic and added the perfect amount of sweet, and they don’t over bread their fish. The one thing that I wasn’t to keen on was their choice of taco shells. I was expecting a corn tortilla but the one they used was a bit thicker feel and had a weird gritty texture. I have a feeling they were probably homemade rice tortilla which goes with the concept but not my personal favourite.

From there it was back to the other side of the bridge, after a rather bland and less exciting lukewarm bacon leak soup. This time round we hit up Sticky Ricky’s. A food truck that my dad had recently had at a rhum and food pairing class and was raved about and I can see why. We only had their N’walens Poutine and it was outstanding. I loved the option of yam or regular potato fries but the spices they used in the chicken gravy defiantly stood up to all the other Cajun food I’ve eaten over the years.

Stay tuned for YYC Food Truck’n – Round 3


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