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First Time to Disney World; These Rides Are Not to Be Missed

Well in two days I head off for my second trip to Disney in a month ( I know your jealous, but I’m making up for lost time). This time round I’m going with two younger cousins, 8 & 12, and their parents who have all never been to a Disney park. I haven’t done this in over 7 years so I’m interested to see Disney through the eyes of a Elsa worshiping little girls and swashbuckling pirate.

Here is my list of rides that I personally feel are park musts for those who are visiting Disney World for the first time. Like my Disneyland one, I chose classics that are great for everyone in the party, but also some of the trill rides for those who are more adventurous.

Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride -Who doesn’t love to be part of the action? That’s what I love about this ride, getting to be part of the story as you go through scenes from movies you’ve been watching all your life.
Star Tours – Journeying through the galaxy with C3PO and R2D2 and help fight against Darth Vader while avoiding being caught with a rebel spy.
Toy Story Mania – 3D fun for everyone. Join Woody, Buzz and all of the Toy Story gang as you travel through a 3D arcade world.
Tower of Terror – Not a personal favourite as I don’t do drops, but if you can handle them I encourage you to try it out, even if its just the one time. Join the guest of the Hollywood Tower Hotel as they face their doom.


Spaceship Earth – Or as most people know it  “The Giant Golf Ball”. Take a time machine back in time and see what the future holds for you whether it be in space, under the seas or here on Earth.
Test Track – Who wouldn’t love to get to test cars? Be the new crash test dummies for Chevrolet and take a vehicle out to test its limits, while ending it with a high speed trip around the track.
Mission Space – Commander to mission control. Join others and a team from NASA as you set off on a journey to explore the stars. For the adventurer in you take the more intense side and be on the orange team, and for those of you who like things a little more calm, check out the green team for all your less intense journey.
Living with the Land – For the scientific buff in all of use. Take a boat tour through Disney’s hydroponic labs and learn all about agriculture all while getting a chance to see the 10 pound lemon. I know most people might classify this a lame/educational ride but I love it non the less.

Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest – Set off on an expedition to explore Mount Everest but watch out for the Yeti! Take an adventure with twists and turns and even a trip backwards as your explore the Himalayas
Kali River Rapids – It’s been a while since I’ve been on this one since it’s either been in referb or too cold on my trips, but it’s a water ride through to rivers of Africa as your take twists, turns and even a drop or two. Don’t forget to bring your poncho!
Kilimanjaro Safaris – Visit the plains of Africa as you take a safari trip in search for lions, cheetahs and rhino’s oh my! Don’t forget to pack the camera and always arrive earlier in the day.
Jungle Treks –  Are a great way for kids to get to see animals without going on a bumpy ride or where they can walk around without too many places to run off to. Follow the paths and see where they will lead you.


Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – For the first time roller coaster, this is a great first step. With minimal drops and lots of twists and turn this is a great way to intruduce kids to roller coasters as it’s “the wildest ride in the wilderness!”
Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Is a Disney classic and cannot be missed! This is a classic and a must. Take a trip with Dumbo as you soar over New Fantsyland to see whats new.
Haunted Mansion – I have another volunteer for you Mr. Ghost Host! Join the 999 haunts as you take a doom buggy through the mansion. Be cautious of hitch hikers they like to tag along.
Pirate of the Caribbean – This is one of my all time favourite rides at both parks (so don’t be surprised if it appears on both park lists), it’s great for anyone especially those who aren’t too big on huge drops and loves a classic
Space Mountain Space Mountain –  Has always been one of my favourite rides at the Disney parks.  I love the fact that the roller coast is in the dark. I’m not a huge fan of coasters so this makes it easier to handle plus its kinda fun not know where your going.
Splash Mountain – I won’t deny it but this is probably one of my least favourite rides at Disney but not for reason that you may think, I just don’t like drops. Everything leading up to the 5 story drop is fantastic! It takes you through the lives and story of Br’er Rabit in the Briar Patch based off of the Song of the South. Try it out and let it take you to the “laughing place”.
It’s a Small World – We all love to hate it but its a Disney classic. Take a quick boat tour around the world filled with tons of glitz and glam as you sing a-long to It’s A Small World
Jungle Cruise – Join Skipper as you take a scenic boat tour down the worlds most well know rivers as she (or he) tells you some of the worlds best corn-y jokes.

 To see my Disneyland First Time Ride Must click here


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