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I know this is a weird topic to talk about but one of many things I found strange, yet oddly comforting, while traveling around Europe was the washrooms of all things. In Europe most public washrooms cost anywhere between .50 euros all the way up to 2 euros before you are even are allowed to enter the washroom let alone use it; but here’s the catch, these bathrooms are clean and always stocked. Compared to ones at home in North American where they are free (with the occasional washrooms with “paying customers only” signs) they’re typically always out of something, unless you’re at a club or ritz restaurant where they have a bathroom attendant to keep and eye out for that, but in Europe it’s an everyday job. These bathrooms have someone who is fully employee to keep the bathrooms stocked and cleaned, and what a difference! It’s something you learned to get used to, gotta pee, better have some change. These washrooms are immaculate and you really could probably eat off the seats and have no worries about it. I don’t miss paying the fee now that I’m home but I seriously miss using a public bathroom and not walking out feeling unclean and need a shower asap.

** There are certain parts of Italy seem to not follow this concept as I did run into a few bathrooms that didn’t even have toilet seats due to high amounts of theft or rest stop bathrooms that were outdoors and were basically a toilet seat on the floor.

 *** Note: NOT every bathroom is like this even if you pay for it

Cover photo courtesy of Mr. Wallpaper


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