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Searching for Disney Characters

If you have kids, or a kid a heart, its not hard to have a favourite, or 5, characters. During my recent trip with friends we knew going into it that there were a few musts; Rapunzel, Mater, Cindy, Gaston and Anna/Elsa, but as the trip progressed we came up with the idea of getting to meet all the other characters. We missed all the characters in Studios but began with the princesses in Epcot and then didn’t miss a character at Animal Kingdom and only missed the classic characters at the Magic Kingdom.


And last but not least, the characters that took the cake were Tiana and Naven. It was so cold for them and they were troopers, plus Naven took the time to read us the story from the 5 Minute Bed Time Stories and pointed out his family and friends to us. They were a great ending to our hunt for characters

I always find that getting to meet characters outside of the interaction is getting the photos and autographs. You might notice that in a good portion of the photos we are holding books, which we were getting signed for Caitlin’s niece and nephews. We also were getting Veronica’s pursed signed and I started a MK map that by the end of it was covered in signatures with Gaston’s the most predominate and taking up half the map. It was great because almost all of the characters we meet after that made a comment about it.

If you like to get the signature of characters try stepping outside of the autograph book and find new things to sign like we did. I’ve also had princess themed barbie dolls signed by the corresponding princess but I’ve also had a Tinker Bell pillow signed by her and her friends in Pixie Hollow before.


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