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run stuffPlanning:

Over a year ago I began to plan a trip to Disney with some friends. At first it was just to be two of us and it soon expanded to 6, and then 5. I was so excited to not only get to go home but to get to experience Disney with some of my closest friends. During the planning stages we had suggested to Caitlin, who was already a runner, that perhaps she look into the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon since it was taking place while we were there and it’s not an opportunity that is always readily available to those living so far away. It took sometime for her to determine what she wanted to do but in the end both her and Veronica ran the 1/2 marathon and I ran the 5k with Kathryn.

I will admit that training didn’t go as well as we had all planned with myself having prior knee injuries to look out for, someone else pulled some muscles and the inevitable everyone got sick at one point in time putting use each out of commission for a week or two. But we prevailed and all made it to the race day!

Race Day:
sorry about the bathroom shots had to take them in there since I didn't get to wear it during the run

sorry about the bathroom shots had to take them in there since I didn’t get to wear it during the run

Well race day for myself didn’t turn out as I had hoped but it still happened. The weather was freezing for Orlando, -3 Celsius (damn you Elsa), at 4am when I got up so in the end I ended up opting out of my costume as it was basically a tank top and tutu. (take photo of costume items) We were all freezing our butts off but thanks to some great DJ’s we were able to keep warm by dancing and having a great time.

Once the race began, almost an hour in as we were the final corral, I was off to a good start but unfortunately due to past knee injures I had to speed walk most of it due to fear of potentially dislocating my knee again as it was starting to pull 😦 but I completed the race which was the important part. My time wasn’t as good as I had hoped but I finished and will continue to train so that I can one day run this race again and actually run it. 

I really enjoyed the run and how encouraging people were to one another and how cast members came in early to help cheer people on along the race track. The one thing I wish could’ve changed was the fact that they played “Let It Go” over and over and over again, it got quite tiring thank goodness for headphones.

To all those other ladies, and gents, who ran the races that weekend, Congratulations!

I was in corral D so it took a bit of time to get out. It didn’t take me 1.5hrs to complete


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