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Good Eats at Disney World

Over the years as I’ve spent my dues at the parks and I always love to try new foods. Every time I visit I make sure that I eat at a new restaurant or new foods but sometimes old favourites are even better. These are just a few of my must have’s on all Disney trips:

Pineapple Dole Whip FloatPineapple Dole Whip – This is always one of my first stops when I hit the Magic Kingdom and if you haven’t already noticed from my previous posts I LOVE pineapple dole whip. It’s basically just an ice cream float but with pineapple ice cream and pineapple juice so it’s sooooo much more. You can find it at in Adventureland across from the Swiss Family Treehouse or at the Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian.

School Bread – When you have as many friends from the Norwegian Pavilion as I did when School Breadworking for Disney its hard not to learn to love the food, and one of my particular favourites is the School Bread from . This vanilla custard filled, coconut topped pastry definably can handle any sweet tooth you may have wall traveling around “the world”.

Mickey PretzelMickey Mouse Soft PretzelWhenever I’m craving a salty savory snack this is my go to treat. I honestly will hunt them down in the park, I truly have draped friends around the Magic Kingdom at 11pm trying to find a cart that was open that didn’t sell the sweet cream cheese pretzels.

Ginger Ice CreamI became acquainted with the fantastic treat during the Food & Wine Festival back in 2009. I was skeptical at first but its all I think about when I hit up Epcot. It’s ginger ice cream obviously, but it has hints of dark molasses and chunks of candied ginger throughout. Depending on the amount of candied ginger in the bowl it can becomes kinda spicy. You can find this in the China Pavilion at their quick service restaurant, .

MIckey Ice CreamMickey Mouse on a Stick A trip to Disney is never complete until you have a Mickey on a Stick. Ice cream dipped in chocolate in the shape of Mickey Mouse how can one go wrong. It’s a fun and sometimes messy treat that will make anyone smile.

Taco Salad –  I know this isn’t really going with the theme of snacks I have going on here but this is just too good to pass up, plus I really don’t have any other meals that I have to have over and over again each time I visit. Firstly I love the atmosphere at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, who doesn’t want to be the root’-ness, toot’-ness cowboy in the wild, wild west… but back to the salad. I love the Taco Salad not only because it tastes absolutely fantastic but because its great for sharing. When you order it you basically get a taco bowl fill with meat and sour cream on the side and this is where things get fun. They have a fantastic “salad bar” where from there you get to add all the fix-ens you want to your salad and pile it as high as you want making it a great to share meal with others. Plus the bowls eatable so that’s always a plus. UPATE: ok, I lied, it’s no longer available at Pecos Bills but at the Tortuga Tavern next door that is only open to help with the lunch rush from 12-4pm ish

PopcornPopcorn – I know you can get this everywhere but I swear the popcorn at Disney not only smells better but it tastes soooo much better. You can typically find it about every click or so around the park.


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