Oh The Place You'll Go!

Norway; Land of the Midnight Sun

As mentioned in my post Norway; Land of the Ice and Snow , Norway receives the midnight sun during the summer months and it happens all over the country. While staying with friends in Oslo it wasn’t too bad, it mostly spent the night at what I know as a late dusk or early dawn.  It wasn’t too bad when trying to fall asleep while there, but when I spent a week up in Sandnessjoen it was a completely different story. It was like the sun never set, period. I remember at  one point in time waking up in the middle of the night at around 2am to run to the bathroom and walked out and seriously thought that I’d misread my phone and had sleep till the early afternoon it was so bright (thank god for black out blinds or I would’ve never slept up there!).

Moral of the story people, when traveling to the northern hemisphere countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, ect; during May – September, make sure you either have black out blinds in the room or bring an eye mask if you plan to do any sleeping.


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    • I absolutely loved it! 2 of my best friends live there so I got to see a lot of the local side of things with just a touch of tourist. I loved getting to go see all the museums and just walking around the cities


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