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The Problems With Being a 20 Something Disney “Princess”

Photo courtesy of Utah Valley 360

Photo courtesy of Utah Valley 360

Being a 20 Something Disney “Princess” in a modern day world can be hard. There is no horse drawn carriage to get you from place to place, animals no longer speak to you and your prince charming has yet to make his debut appearance. Sure you’ve got the looks and the personality but that can only get you so far.

When you were a little girl all you were was a Disney Princess. You sang everything you did just like Belle and all the other princesses in a meadow full of flowers. You dreamed of adventure, perfect hair, and of course living in the Beast’s castle just to get that library.

You were Ariel swimming “Under the Sea” every time you touched water, and Cinderella whenever you put on a pair of shoe’s. But now the shoes aren’t all the same, the glass slipper doesn’t always fit and when it does it isn’t always in your style. You belly flop into the water and never get that graceful hair flip like you used to.

So then why do we still want to be Disney “Princess”?

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

 We now know that not all princess wake up looking like Cinderella with their hair all perfect, so perhaps that’s not it. That adventure we crave isn’t as easily available or just around the river bend as we had thought. That magic and a fairy godmother can’t always fix everything but can have you mixed up with the Shadow Man and his voodoo looking for Mama Odie to help fix your current predicament caused by your leading man.

But perhaps it’s the fact that no matter the evil step mother or villain you are always determined to persevere. That thanks to your upbringing, education, being taught how to be a lady and how to think for yourself, will always be there for you and help you through even the toughest of times. Or that, as more modern princesses will show us, you don’t always need your prince charming there to help get you out of a jam, just your trusted side kick and frying pan. That we may not always have the classic looks of a Disney princess but that we are just as resourceful and strong willed as any of them, to have a life of our own and to get to live it the way that we want.


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