Foodie In Training

15 Years in the Making

Outside of Emeril's when I was 10

Outside of Emeril’s when I was 10

It’s been a dream in the making for almost 15 years but, well, it finally happened, I got to eat at Emeril’s on the Citywalk in Orlando!!!! This has been the holy grail of restaurants since I was 10 and went to Disney World for the “first time”. I had just starting my life long obsession with being a foodie and this was the place. Emeril Live was the first show I religiously watched on a nightly basis and dreamed about becoming a chef.

That was during my experimental phase and now that I think about it my poor parents. There are many times I remember, and have been reminded, about how I used to like to bring my dad drink concoctions while he was working on the yard, and most involved pickle juice. At the time it seemed like a great idea but when you’re a kid you can stomach almost anything.

Outside of Emeril's this year

Outside of Emeril’s this year

Now when I first realized that we were planning on eating at the Citywalk after our day at the parks I figured I would suggest it know it was at a higher price point than most of the group would want to pay but figured why not? I honestly thought that if take a ton of convincing to even get the idea into everyone’s heads let alone a lets eat there, but I lucked out! (The joy of having a foodie friend) Everyone found something they liked off the online menu and we were going!!

The food, oh the food was outstanding. Veronica and I started off the meal with the Creole Marinated Fried Calamari with a olive marinara sauce which matched the calamari perfectly, and I don’t even like olives. Next up was the Braised Beef Short Rib with Truffle Potatoes (another one of my weakness truffle oil) and Asparagus, once again amazing! Finally for desert Caitlin ordered the Banana Cream Pie and to my amazement it actually had big layers of real banana in it. Between the three of us girls we devoured the thing and it wasn’t overly banana-y or artificial flavoured which was a nice change.

All in all this restaurant trip completely surpass anything I had expected and can’t wait to go back another time.


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