My Inner Nerd

The Expo Experience – YYC Edition

Every year for almost the past 6 years I’ve gone and enjoyed the  Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with friends and this year was no different. It’s always a great way to spend time with friends but getting to let out your inner nerd. I love getting to go an see all the fantastic costume people have put together for cosplay (one year I will dress up), getting to go to panels and getting to see and meet tons of new people. I defiantly have to say that even though this year I only got to see one panel it was hosted by one of my favourite all time trek stars, Garrett Wang. I had missed his panel while waiting for an autograph for Stephen Amell but it worked in my favour as Garrett Want was the one to host Stephen Amell’s panel.

As someone who’s only seen about half of the first season of Arrow ( I started re-watching it again earlier this week) I found it really insightful into the show and him as an actor. For a while now I’ve followed Stephen Amell on fb and I know that he’s really dedicated to his work and is really involved with charities and his fans but this helped to see why people think he’s so awesome. Best part of panel had to be when someone asked him to tell him he failed this city and he did; video below.

I also loved the fact that when we got his autograph we had a quick chance to talked to him and we asked if he ever sleeps. I don’t know about you but we’ve noticed the man posts at all hours of the day and is always on the go, while never seeming to be losing energy and enthusiast (just like the Duracell bunny!).

I will admit that with the exception of a few choice guests I found this year’s expo lacking expectantly when they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. In the past the expo has gone with theme’s each year; TNG 25yr Anniversary in 2012 , Big Bang Theory cast in 2013, and the cast of The Hobbit in 2014 but this year there was nothing. I also found that as we got close and close to the expo date more and more guests were cancelling (which sucked and by no means was it their fault), but it became harder and harder to get excited for the expo when there was no one you were like OMG about and then finally when there was, they were announce it the day before for a 1 day appearance only.

The other thing that they left lacking was that, even after 10 years, they still have yet to master the art of crowd control and organization. I understand that the expo relies heavily on volunteers but they need to be organized and informed themselves. I found that this year there was little to no signage around the stampede ground and the map that was included in the booklets was very vague with only the names of the building listed, not what was happening where. I also found that with each photo op we had, we were being sent to different areas and when we got there, there was either no staff there to tell you what was happening or those that were there had no idea what exactly was happening making for mass confusion. I loved the idea of them having a photo op queue tent but then you need to use it from the beginning and have it manned and with rows ready to go. In the end though even with the lack of organization, we did get our photos take in a timely manner and they turned out great.




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