Foodie In Training

YYC Fair Ground Foods

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a “small town” called Calgary, which hosts the Calgary Stampede every year in July. It’s basically 10 day year where everyone has an excuse to wear jeans to work, dress western, and of course party. The Stampede boosts being the largest outdoor show on earth, and its hard to argue with that fact. Every year hundred of thousands of people flock into town to attend the chucks and rodeo, but also to sample some of the fair ground foods.

In the past there has been things like scorpion pizza, alligator sliders and even deep fried coke (Coke Cola) to entice all food lovers alike. Myself personally I stick to more of the safer fairs Tequila Friesbut I always use this as my one time a year to eat deep fried everything (with the acceptation of fries I typically don’t eat fried food). In the past I’ve had the Canadian classic poutine, taco in a bag, caramel apples and everything in between, but this year we tried a few items that were a little bit more out there. Tequila Fries were the first on the chopping block, although you didn’t really get a really large tequila taste on majority of the fries (not tossed real well ) when you did get that one fry it was worth it. It was a great mix of salty and lime mix from the tequila and then with seasoning salt to finish it off.

Deep Fried OreoThe next step was to get some sweets, this year we chose to do the deep fried combo of  deep fried oreos, deep fried reece’s peanut butter cup and deep fried cookie dough. The oreo as in past years was fantastic but the others left more to be desired. I know we’ve all gone through the stage/age where eating raw cookie dough is your favourite thing in the universe but this was all wrong. The outside was a thick layer of batter that wasn’t fully cooked with cold cookie dough in the center that was kinda slimy. They differently didn’t make it past a bit or two before they were thrown out. And last but not least the not peanut butter cup peanut butter cup, instead they used the reece sticks which have that cookie layers kinda like a kit kat bar but not as good. It wasn’t what we’d wanted or even expected to get.

Some of the other things that the boys tried and loved immensely was the bacon wrapped pork belly. So basically bacon wrapped bacon. It smelt fantastic but that seems to be a bit too unhealthy and arty clogging for me personally. There also was a basket of deep fried cheesies being passed around. They were interesting but quite greasy.

Other foods that were offered were: fried pickle pizza, turkey dinner poutine, red velvet mini doughnuts, deep fried doughnut bacon burger and bacon wrapped corn.





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