Oh The Place You'll Go!

Sipping Vodka in London

During my trip to Europe I spent a week in London visiting my Aunt and seeing a friend while waiting for my Contiki tour to begin.

I will start off by saying that during this trip I learned my aunt is pretty cool. She was up for basically anything and was all for the idea of going to see Mamma Mia while I was there. We spend a good portion of my first few days while there shopping on Oxford street, we watching the World LGBT Parade (without her freaking out or being like umm….) and of course spending time at her local pub with her friends.

During my last few days I meet up with one of the girls from you tour group who arrived early to go and see the sights around town. We started our first day off at the Natural History Museum exploring the exhibits of dinosaurs, natural disasters and earthly phenomenons. From there we headed off to the British Museum. I LOVED the British Museum! It was the cool mix of old library and mummies with Cleopatra as the center attraction.

One the second day we were off to take a ride on the London Eye and to walk around town to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. We ended up missing the changing of the guards but on our way back to the train station while taking a taxi we saw the Queens Guards marching band march along side the taxi.

janna and tinoLast stop before I headed off to tour around Europe was to see Mr. Tino for drink at a bar called Vodka Revolution. (You’ll notice a trend,I end up seeing quite a few friends from Disney during my European travels)




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