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Be Our Guest Review

I know that there are plenty of these floating around right now with the restaurant opening in the past few years and the fact that the fastpass reservation option for lunches has created quite of a stir but I can’t complain since we were one of the lucky ones to get a lunch reservation.

Once you arrive you get in, you go to a monitored line where you then place your own orders and the head off to grab your cutlery and a table. I’m not full certain how they know who’s food goes to which table as its random seating within three different rooms but they know what to delivered to your table and when. Personally I found the food to be above and beyond from my expectations from other quick service restaurants I’ve eaten at around the parks. I had the Chicken Sandwich (forgot to take a photo) but it was neatly plated and hot when it arrived, and it also had great seasoning, it probably was one of the best meals I ate in the parks. I also had the cupcake with the grey stuff and it was delicious. If you get a chance to have it I recommend you do.




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