Oh The Place You'll Go!

Potter World

The first stop as listed on the Disney Master Plan 2015 was Universal to go check out the lands of Harry Potter. Even after living in the Orlando area for a year, I never visited Universal (Hogsmeade opened soon after I left) and I don’t overly regret it. Most of the rides are either roller coasters or roller coasters simulation rides and that’s not my thing. But I will say that I did love the MIB ride which is very similar to both of the toy story rides at Disney.

 The main goal for this day trip was to go and see Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, get a wand and try butterbeer; we succeed in all of this.

During our trip to Olivanders we got to participate in the little pre-show where two guests get to test out wands with a wand master to determine which is best for them. It was very cute and a great interaction for the kids who get to participate in it. After that you go into the wand shop to find out which wand is best suited to you, but you don’t necessary have to go with that one. You can chose from a selection of around 10 based off different character traits or you can chose a wand from a specific character from the movies.

The one problem I found with the interactive wand experiences around the two areas is that they were unmanned, this wasn’t the problem, but the fact that you would polity wait in line or for others to finish and then some kid would run and cut you off just as you were about to try it out yourself. The parents wouldn’t do anything or even apologize and it became very frustrating as you waited your turn and then get to the front only to be cut off. Everyone spent to get an interactive wand, have your child wait his or her turn like everyone else.

Rant over, now onto Butterbeer! Butterbeer was something we ended up trying both the hot, frozen and the cold version and all were equality as good, but I personally preferred the cold. The hot version had more of a nutty taste to it while the cold was more refreshing and balanced. ( Check out a few homemade recipes  here. I tried the Starbucks version over the weekend, go for less toffee nut it’s way to nutty with 3 pumps)



Diagon Alley

I had fun and I think that if I were to go back I would defiantly make sure I went back during the off season so that the wait times we’re over an hour plus for everything.


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