Oh The Place You'll Go!


This was technically the first stop of my tour with Contiki if you don’t include leaving from London and it was an interesting one. We all know that Amsterdam is know for being legal for marijuana and having the red light district but it has some other less know attributes, like the fact that they have the Van Gogh Museum that houses almost 90% of his work or the Anne Frank Museum or the fact that they pay property taxes on how wide your house is and it doesn’t matter how tall you build it, but this is a tour for people ages 18-30 so they focus on more of the recreation style activities on an entertainment basis.

We started out the evening with an tour around the canals on a boat cruise with all you can drink wine and beer to start the night off right. From there we went on a quick walking tour around the parts of the city where the boat couldn’t take us.

Then it was off for a walk around the red light district (please remember, if you ever go, that these are legal working people so photography is NOT permitted) and to take in a sex show. I won’t deny that I’d had quite a few drinks at this point in time but I found it rather boring. The people in the show were mostly couples but it just appeared like they were bored and uninterested in what they were doing. After it was off to a club around the corner to dance the night away, followed by a quick look around the red light district for a blue light.

Once everyone had a good nights sleep it was off to explore the city again for a few hours. First stop was the Van Gogh Museum followed by walking around to see all that the city had to offer during the daylight hours.


Stay tuned for our next stop St Goar, Germany


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