Oh The Place You'll Go!

Future Travel Plans

 I love to travel and all of my friends know it, so they are always pitching ideas about how we should go here or do this. I’m  typically up for anything and here are just a few that are planned for sometime in the future.


Disney with Therese

As one of the few people I still talk to from high school, Therese holds special cards in her hand when it comes to favors or ideas. Her most recent idea was lets go on a trip to Disney and how could I resist? This trip will probably end up with it at Disneyland as I haven’t been since I was 15 and that she’s never been to any of the parks, so i figure this is the best option as a intro to Disney Park’s. This trip will probably end up with us getting into some form of trouble but that’s how things have always been with her <3.

Photos Courtesy of Google Images

 NYC or Europe or perhaps LA with the Sister

I love my sister but sometimes she can be one of the moodiest and most indecisive people in the world. In the last year alone she has pitched/mentioned 2 different vacation destinations to me. A few years back we had talked about talking a graduation road trip for her down to LA to go see Cory from LA Ink so she can get a tattoo from him. Then in the last year she has mentioned lets go to New York so she can get a tattoo done by this guy who specializes in micro tattoo’s and makes his own jewelry for his piercings, and of course per my request, go and see a Broadway musical. The last option was a trip to Europe, there were no specifics as to were she’d like to go but I feel like Norway, Greece and Italy would be for certain destinations.

Photo Courtesy of Own Mexico

Sandy Beach with Lindsey

Until this past year Lindsey had only ever been on one airplane (friends private jet for a birthday get away to the family “cabin”) and had never left the country. She has now just recently gotten back from a family vacation in Mexico and I’m sure she’ll be hooked. In the past she has mentioned wanting to go somewhere like Mexico, that options out now, on a girls week. Perhaps I’ll pitch Jamaica to her or even a cruise?


Photo Courtesy of EPPC Global Management

As best put by Veronica, here is our plans for our Asian Adventure Trip

“A this and that Asia Adventure with Janna”

“If there is one thing for certain it is that Janna and I usually have at least one if not two or three future travel plans in  the making. One of those is currently a major adventure in store featuring time in China, Japan and Bali!

This came about from my original RTW trip plan, and Janna decided to come and meet me on that side of the world. We even went as far as putting a deposit on a tour in China! But some things did not fall into place, and we so we are saving this for the future. But this adventure will include a tour in China covering a few of the highlights, a visit to Tokyo to find Godzilla and experience the incredible culture, and a relaxing week in Bali, soaking up the sun, practicing yoga and being awed by the temples.”

But there’s more! With Veronica having ditched me now and moved to England to drink tea, we’ve added a Nerdy Scandinavian Sandy Adventure to our roster of a million trips.

Photo Courtesy of Norway in a Nutshell

Photo Courtesy of Norway in a Nutshell

Nerdy Scandinavian Sandy Adventure

With Veronica moving to the UK as mentioned we figured that we best take advantage of it and do some traveling. We’re uncertain of the specific order of how this will take place but the plan is to go visit Vegard in Oslo, Rene in Arendel and then head up to the Fjords for a few days. From there we figured a few day breather in London to see all of Veronica’s new haunts and meet some of her new friends and then of course we MUST hit up the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff as it opened just a week after my last visit to London. The last location will be a toss up depending on the economy and the status of the countries but the plan is to either take at tour around Egypt or a tour around Morocco with a stop in Casablanca. Of the two my first choice is Egypt since I’ve wanted to go since I was around 10 and thought about becoming and Egyptologist, so here’s hoping! *UPDATED* Her dad wants to go to Morocco so I get to go to Egypt!!!!




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