Oh The Place You'll Go!

Adventure’s on the Horizon?

A few weeks ago one of my closest friends packed up and went on the adventure of a lifetime and moved to the UK. Sure, you can say that I’m jealous but most of all I’m proud of her. I’m proud that she followed through with a dream and thought, that unlike myself who talks about it over and over again, she made it a reality and I wish her the best of luck and cannot wait to hear and read about the many adventures she will have over the next 2 years.  But its life changes like this that make me question and wonder what you’re doing with your life. For as long as I’ve known Veronica I was the one who always talked about living internationally and doing it again, but here she is following her heart and experiencing life.

A friend recently wrote a post talking about finding yourself even when on the outside it looks like you have the perfect life. That even when you “… get the education… get the man… get the life… be happy….” – A Journey to Find Me  that everything isn’t always black and white, that perhaps when things are changing so drastically in your life that perhaps it is time to re-evaluate things and find yourself.

 It’s funny, in the past week I’ve spoken to two people who suspect within a year I’d be living abroad. One, Vegard and I were talking about how his current renter is moving out and I suggested getting a new one like a brother or brother-in-law and got a no we have others in mind, basically implying that I’d be out there soon.  While the second person, my dad, was talking with me about Veronica and her move and how her first week has been and my dad just stated that point blank he didn’t expect my sister or I to finally settle at home. He thinks that my sister will end up on the west coast on the island or in the Rockies so that she can finally get that big mountain dog she’s always wanted and open up her own tiny practice, while he basically expects me to be living in Norway.

So is that what I want to do? Do I want to pack up and just go? As I’ve looked into getting a work visa in Norway more and more, I get more confused and unlike other countries who have programs like SWAP out there to help guide you and answer any questions there isn’t any, and anytime I’ve emailed the government address from the pages they just keep redirecting me or never answering. The other part I’m finding frustration for me to get a work visa in Norway is that in order for me to apply I will have to fly to Ottawa just to hand in my application papers as it must be in person at the Danish Embassy and pay the application fee with no guarantee of getting approved for a visa. So this leads me to the question of what if I miss something or fill something out incorrectly. Will that require me to fly all the way out to Ottawa again?

Is this the route I want to go?

I’ve basically planned how I will save the money over the next year and a half and how I am hoping to move back home when my lease is up next spring to say my rent money to go but if I can’t go to Norway where is my next step? I’m in the process of working on getting my TEFL and I could go through the program to find a job but the options are limited and mostly in Asia and that’s not my first choice. I guess as I have some time I can think and figure out what my next step is, I just hope I can figure it out sooner than later.

To hear more about my friend who moved to the UK check out Something More Than Planned

 Cover photo courtesy of Forbes


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