All Things Disney

Cost Savvy Gift Ideas

The one thing you can say about a Disney vacation is that it can defiantly add up, and with everyone wanting something from the parks it adds up even more. So here are some cost savvy gifts you can bring people back from the parks without breaking the bank. Best part about these gifts is most of them are tiny so they won’t take up a ton of room in your suitcase.

Disney Dollars – These can typically be purchased at guest service and is basically Disney money. I’ve seen very few people use them as currency but they make a great gift idea. I even have one from when I went in 1990 that I have in my scrapbook. You can get the Disney Dollars in a variety of characters typically and comes in all your regular denominations of 1$, 5$, 10$, ect.

IMG_7809Christmas Ordiments Packs – This is a great idea for those Christmas lovers you have. Get a pack of typically 4 or 6 ordainment’s for a great price and best part is most packs are already ready to ship!

Vinylmation Key Chains Sets – These can sometimes be hard to find around the parks, last time I was in the parks I found some in The Chapeau and that was about it. If you can find them they usually come in packs of 4-6 and in various themes. I have had problems find these as of late, as the Vinylmation is starting to loose its appeal.

Autographs – I love this one! I’ve always found that having either an item, map or even just a piece of paper signed by the persons favourite character works as a great gift. In the past I’ve had the barbie dolls of my little cousins favourite princesses signed. Other options is to take a photo of the character to go along with the signature.



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