Oh The Place You'll Go!

How To Label A Map of Canada The American Way

 Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

I won’t deny the fact that I spend a lot of time readings random Buzzfeeds as they pop up on facebook and pintrest but this by far has to be one of my favourites “Here’s What Happens When Americans Try To Label The Country Of Canada”. I’m proud to say I live in Canadaville, The Maple Syrup Fields and Snow. I know that this is only a small population of Americans and hey, I’ll admit I can probably only identify half of the states if you were to give me a map, but we only have 13 compared to the 50 in the USA.

And to just keep things more interesting here is the most recent version of having Australians label the map of Canada. I think I’m ok with being the land of Robin Sparkles and putting Beiber in isolation up in the territories.

To see the rest of the maps check out Buzzfeeds original post here or the Australian version here


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