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The Beasts True Age

Over the holidays  I began to re watching some old Disney classics and started to do the math.

In the opening narration of Beauty and the Beast, the narrator talks about how the old women cursed the prince as punishment and that he if he was unable to break the cruse by his 21st year, the curse would become permanent.

Once Belle arrives at the castle and goes exploring looking for food after being “grounded” to her room by the beast, Belle finds Lumiere in the kitchen and he invites her to be his guest and starts to sing to her about being their guest he states that they’d been like this for “10 years we’ve been rusting needing some dusting”

So if you do the math the old women cursed the prince when he was 11. I mean I know that 11 year olds can be brats but I feel like he was too young to fully understand the consequences of his actions or the fact that what he was doing was outside of the norm for someone of royalty during that time, not excusing him but still.


Photo Courtesy of Cinema Fanatic


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