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Well as mentioned in a few previous posts I was on my way to Disney World again for the second time in a month to play tour guide for family that had never been to the parks and we had a blast! Sure traveling the parks with younger kids can be hectic, they get tired or want EVERYTHING they see, but it can have its perks too. You get to see the parks through the eyes of a child again but you also get to ride the rides again for the first time again with them. It’s a fantastic feeling but it’s also funny to see how the kids will react when they meet their favourite characters for the first time.

As best put by my aunt “I’ve never seen her this quiet before” is the exact way my little cousin acted when meeting all characters. This normally loud and very energetic little girl had turned quiet and meek. She had no idea how to react around them. She was star struck in the best way possible.


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    • I’ve been to DL Paris and it is quiet beautiful. Things are very different yet the same between the two parks, but I loved the fact that instead of Tom Sawyers Island they have a Pirates of the Caribbean “Island”


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