Oh The Place You'll Go!

MY Top Must Have While Traveling Movies/Shows

When you spend as much time at airports and planes as I have over the past few years, it’s hard to now have a few go to shows that you always have on your tablet to help get your threw those long 8hr flights, even 5hrs can be hell. I find that having shows make the time go by faster and you usually have a better selection than whats available on the plane if it’ still free.


Ok, I know that this is kinda generic of an answer but when it comes to Futurama it doesn’t matter the episode or movie I love it. It’s always been a big hit in my books and it’s my go to show when I have nothing else to watch.

My Life in Ruins 

I love this movie! It not only has a fantastic cast of characters but is also a great laugh for all. It’s about a women who moved to Greece to teach at a University and loses her job soon after so she starts working as a tour guide who has no kaffe, loose translation of spirit/love for life in Greek. In the end she falls in love and learns to show her kaffe side. It’s great not only to pass the time, see the sights and make you want to visit Greece and of course full of a gorgeous man who things a woman’s butt can never be too big.

 Doctor Who 

My traveling life would not be complete without Doctor Who. Typically when I fly is when I end up catching up on all the newest episodes. Last time I was on my way back from Italy in a flight from Amsterdam to Toronto and watched Angels in Manhattan and was bawling my eyes out, kinda a weird situation, but for those of you who watch it know what I’m talking about and for those of you who don’t watch it, it’s the final episode of two long standing characters on the show so its a “bit” of a tear jerk-er.

 Fast & Furious

I know, for someone who’s all Disney and nerdy things this doesn’t seem like a franchise I would be all for but, I love action films. I’m not a big car person but who doesn’t love then some Vin Diesel or Dwayne “The Rock, The Tooth Fairy” Johnson that’s basically enough justification to like these movies.

I know its not an overly long list but I when you have two shows on here that have 100 episodes it’s easy to pass the time while traveling.





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