Oh The Place You'll Go!

Bobbing Along in Haiti

I love my friends and their adventurous spirits! A few years I randomly posted on fb who wants to go on a cruise and within 24hrs Veronica and I were set to sail on our very first trip together. We of course had to made a mandatory stop at Disney World, see Around the “Disney” World in 2.5 Days, as Veronica had never been.

This was also Veronica’s first time snorkeling and although she started off a bit rocky, she survived and had fun from what I was told. Even with the two of us got a bit cranky near the end of the trip it was a fantastic time and I, as per usual, got burn due to bad sun screen application. I had a lovely zig zag down my back!


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    • Hello Lucy!

      It was my first time snorkelling, I am not the greatest swimmer and my life jacket was a bit big for me so when we jumped in the water, I struggled to find my float and then I realized how claustrophobic I am when I had the mask on! So basically I just freaked myself out when I put my head in the water, and could hear my own breathing but could not breath through nose! I had a little bit of hysterics, Janna slapped me out of it so to speak and then I was all good 🙂 However, when we tried to go again in Disneyworld, I was a bit freaked out and could not follow through, so I do not think snorkelling is for me!

      If you are claustrophobic, I would recommend testing out a snorkelling mask in like a sink or something just to get used to it. But definitely give it a try!

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  1. I love your blog! I’ve been to this island as well and it is stunning! Glad you had a great time – sorry about the zig zag burn. My boyfriend just got back from a solo trip and came back with patches of burn where he wasn’t able to apply his sunscreen by himself. Ouch.

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