Oh The Place You'll Go!

Trying on Crystal’s in Tyrol

After Munich our next stop was Tyrol, where the more adventurous ones of the group went white water rafting and those of us who were not, went and stayed dry waiting for them at the drop off camp site. I chose to stay dry.

From there our next stop was off the the Swarovski Crystal World, where they have created a museum based of artists around the world have unlimited access to their crystals to use within their artwork, and let me tell you this is one hell of a trip. As Amsterdam was a few days prior to a few people picked up some of the more magical versions of mushrooms to help along the process. Not my thing, and even without that museum is weird and tripy. There are mechanical manikin legs dancing around in one part and crystal skull that appears and disappears in a mirror covered dome. Those were some of the weirder ones but there were also some gorgeous ones like the jungle filled with wildlife and plants or the, every girls dream, mermaid’s with jewel encrusted tops.

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The next stop after our trip to Swarovski was to stay at a little hotel ran by Contiki where we all piled our laundry together to save on the money and hung out at a little local cafe around the corner. Once the essentials were done it was off to try schnitzel and about 20 different types of schnapps offered at the bar in the hotel. We were also graced by the lovely and talented tour guide (cannot remember his name) singing and playing guitar late into the evening.


Next stop: Venice


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