Oh The Place You'll Go!

To Hell and Back

Well at least I can say that the weather was great and the people were friendly, but I’ve been to Hell and Back.

This is typically where people tell you they meet Hitler or the devil while there but, well, I did actually meet the devil, or more so Kathryn did. During our travels through the Caribbean we made a little stop off in George Town, Grand Cayman where they a little section of earth that is referred to as hell.

It’s a section of earth that was created by spike formations of lava rock, that and a mix of high heat would make anyone think they were in hell; And where would hell be without a cute little gift shop on the side. Welcome to Hell

This was the mid point of our adventures around Grand Cayman. We has started out spending the day on a boat tour that took us out to Stingray Island, to obviously swim with stingrays. From there it was off to do a but of snorkeling, Bobbling Along in the Cayman Islands, and then our adventure took us to hell. After that it was a quick trip to the Turtle Farm on the island where you are able to hold the cute little babies and for the more adventurous person try it.

Overall this was a fantastic day while cruising in the Caribbean, I love going on vacation and doing this with this girl. She’s always up for new things or last minute tattoos. She also was the fantastic person who found this tour for use through a local tour company who have a better grasp of the area and places to visit.



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