Life as a Disney Cast Member

11 Things You’ll Understand If You’ve Worked For The Mouse

Photo Courtesy of The Disney Point

Photo Courtesy of The Disney Point

A collection of 11 things that will always remind me of working for the mouse.

  1. The Disney Point – Oh the Disney point, this is something that sticks with you for life. 7 years later and I still catch myself doing it. Basically for those who don’t know  what the Disney point is, it’s a two fingers or whole hand point vs using one finger to point as it is seen as impolite in some countries.
  2. Being That Person Who Always Offers to Take The Photos – Or maybe its just me being Canadian, but I can never remember a time where I haven’t offered to take someones photo when you can see them struggling to get the castle in it. This is not only a fantastic way to make someones day at the park but it’s also a great way to help keep selfie sticks banned.
  3. Accents – With Disney being such a diverse company hiring employees from around the world its no wonder most of the cast members learn to understand heavy accents, as well as learning to pick up certain words or phrases in other languages. This has defiantly been a handy tool for both working at Disney but also in my day to day life.
  4. Giving Advice – This is one thing all former cast member will say they’ll do while on vacation. You’re standing in line minding your business when the people behind you start trying to figure out where something is or where to eat next. You try to resist but it just isn’t happening and you start to “butt in” and help out. This happened during my most recent trip to Disney while I was waiting in line at Test Track with Iselin and my family. We overheard a couple trying to figure out something and the cast member in us kicked in and we started to help.
  5. Firework Crowds – Now this is something that most Disney go-ers can agree upon, cast members or not, but the mad dash after the fireworks end can be brutal, but the worst is when you’re trying to get half way across the park going against the traffic to catch the bus so you’re not waiting an extra 30 minutes to get home.
  6. Housing Busing  The bane of my existence when working at Disney. I love Disney and I loved working for Disney but one of the worst parts was having to use a busing system for a year
  7. Tasking – For anyone who I worked with in the Cave this was the favourite of all the assignments. Tasking typically meant cleaning on the promenade or being sent off to help create magical moments for guests, which meant getting a change to get out of the Cave for just a few minutes. 
  8. Line – I’m uncertain about the rest of the cast members but even know, I know that  I won’t get into a line that exceeds a 30 minute wait time. Between years of going to the parks during off season and having access to them for a year, I’m so used to being about to go back later and whenever I want I will skip a ride and be like later or next time.
  9. Costumes – As many of you know Disney loves bright colours and patterns when it comes to costumes and there is nothing wrong with that. The only problem I hated was the fabric and fit. Disney designs it costumes based off durability so most costumes were made out of non breathable polyester based fabrics which could make them heavy and bulky which doesn’t always flatter all body types.
  10. Disney Squirrels – Disney squirrels should almost be their own sub species, never in my life have I seen squirrels more daredevil-ish and friendly. During my year at Disney I’ve hard stories of them sunbathing on stones railings along bridges but I’ve also seen our resident squirrel for the Cave, name to come once I find someone who remembers it, actual crawl into the bottom of strollers and steal fries and other items right out of the basket.
  11. Subway – Is not only your best friend but your worst enemy. As many of my friends can contest it’s those darn cookies,  resistance is futile. I can remember that most mornings on our way to work Heather and I used to stop and grab “breakfast” after the morning meetings and cookies were always a must. Double chocolate chip was my downfall.

Well although this may not be exactly dead on for all cast members, new or old, but I feel like most can related. I will admit that this is based off some who lived in Disney housing and took the ever so lovely busing transportation they offered. I know that this may not relate to all employees and maybe more so to those who have worked in the Collage or Cultural Rep Programs.



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  1. Whenever I’m ahead of my family or meeting up with them somewhere and I see a struggling family in front of the Castle I always offer to take a pic. I’m not a cast member…yet haha but it’s fun helping guests take full family photos in front of the castle instead of attempting that selfie or rotating members in the picture. However, in more recent trips I have had more people than usually say “oh it’s okay we’re trying to take a selfie.”

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