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A Pirates Way to Flee

One thing that has always made Disney stand out in my books is the fact that they go above and beyond on what people expect to see at a theme park. It’s the simple things like doing hidden mickey’s around the parks or the fact that they have interactive “tutorials” for everyone to join in with and enjoy. During my year working for Disney I got to see quite a bit of the extra’s Disney offers for its guests around the parks and this one by far has to be my favourite.

is a tutorial all about how to be a pirate and most importantly how to flee! Younger guest are asked to join Captain Jack and his fellow pirate as they teach how to be a proper pirate.

Little things like these are what makes Disney stand out from the rest. It’s the extra magic they put into making their guests days even when it’s busy. Who needs to wait in line for a theater show when you have skits like theses happening all around the parks. Other great options are the JAMMitors in Epcot, The Dapper Dans in Magic Kingdom and the Jedi Training Academy in Hollywood Studios. 


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  1. One of the cast members told me one time that once a month Johnny Depp himself comes to play the part of Jack Sparrow during the show. Only thing is they don’t tell anyone when he comes. They don’t even say if it’s him, you just have to decide for yourself if you think it’s the real him. I think I saw him at a show once cause the guy looked and sounded EXACTLY like the ‘real’ JS.


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