All Things Disney

My Top 4 Rides at Disney

As each trip to Disney comes and goes, I know my friends/family classify me as lame when I always drag them onto the “boring, educational” rides at the parks, but I can’t help it, they’re my favourites!

CAROP_1_998Carousal of Progress – “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, shining at the end of every day…. ” is the current ringtone and theme song to my life. Ever since I was 10 and went on this ride it has been a favourite. First built in 1964 for the world fair, this was Walt Disney’s version of tomorrow and what he thought the the future of technology would become. It may be a bit dated now in days but it still shows you that the world is always progressing to a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow; plus its a great way to spend 30 minutes relaxing in a nice air conditioned theater on a hot day.

greatThe Great Movie Ride – “Lights, Camera, ACTION!” Starting off with my main man, Gene Kelly, during his performance in Singing in the Rain (the man had a temperature of 103 when filing that scene, give him some props!) you get to take a ride to be part of the ride. Join gangsters, cowboys, munchkins and even some broomsticks as you take a ride thru some of the worlds favourite movies of past and present.  

TTA PeopleMover (Tomorrowland Transit Authority)– I love getting to go up on the TTA and take a nice relaxing breezy tour around Tomorrowland and if you’re lucky getting to see the inside of Space Mountain with its lights on (it’s not a ride you would want to be standing up for). This is a great way to take a few minutes to relax and cool down on a busy day. 

025Living With The Land – Who doesn’t want to get to see a 10 pound lemon! Probably one of the move educational rides at Disney, Living with the Land is a tour thru Disney’s greenhouses that provide for more of the EPCOT restaurants while giving you the rundown of how the environment and agriculture effects the planet. 



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