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Be Our Guest Review

I know that there are plenty of these floating around right now with the restaurant opening in the past few years and the fact that the fastpass reservation option for lunches has created quite of a stir but I can’t complain since we were one of the lucky […]

YYC Fair Ground Foods

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a “small town” called Calgary, which hosts the Calgary Stampede every year in July. It’s basically 10 day year where everyone has an excuse to wear jeans to work, dress western, and of course party. The Stampede […]

15 Years in the Making

It’s been a dream in the making for almost 15 years but, well, it finally happened, I got to eat at Emeril’s on the Citywalk in Orlando!!!! This has been the holy grail of restaurants since I was 10 and went to Disney World for the “first time”. […]

Good Eats at Disney World

Over the years as I’ve spent my dues at the parks and I always love to try new foods. Every time I visit I make sure that I eat at a new restaurant or new foods but sometimes old favourites are even better. These are just a few […]

YYC Food Truck’n – Round 2

As mentioned in YYC Food Truck’n Round 1; “With the food truck frenzy in full force, I figure it was time to share my experiences and thoughts with the trucks available in my area.” This past fall, I once again found myself in attendance of a Food Truck […]