All Things Disney

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Well it’s that time of year where those of you in the Orlando Disney bubble get to indulge yourself in fine spirits and mouth watering foods, or as the rest of us know it; Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, aka the Foodie Event of the year (or at least in my books)!!

It’s a time where the younger crowd have more options when drinking around the world, please be safe, and gives the rest of us more options to try food from around the world. This time instead of food and drinks from 11 countries, well technically 10 if you’re from any of the pavilion countries, you can try foods from easily over 20.

In the end I’ve only been to the festival technically one year, it was still a fantastic time! I spent the day traveling around Epcot with Rene, Kathryn and Loraine and we tried everything imaginable.

We spent much of our time clowning around trying out belly dancing in Morocco, met Stitch at AA and just enjoying ourselves as we strolled around the lagoon, but of course we tried food from almost every spot. Here are just a few photos from the foods we tried






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